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Vision Board Workshops

These half-day workshops are a wonderful opportunity to explore goal setting in a dynamic and creative way. The workshops are suitable for small teams or businesses to be creative with company goals or for individuals who wish to explore their own personal development.

We spend some time identifying goals and considering action plans to achieve these goals. Limiting beliefs that might otherwise hold you back are explored and challenged.

Values are what drive us in our decision making whether we are aware of this or not. Quite often when we struggle to follow through with a goal or a decision it is because it does not align with our fundamental values.

How many of you have worked for a company that has clearly defined values and a mission statement? This keeps the strategic development of the company on track and is like a guiding light at difficult times.

Outside of work though, so many people drift aimlessly without really understanding what drives them to make decisions or what prevents them from achieving their goals.

My mixed Vision Board Workshops are for small business owners and sole traders. They can help you clarify business development, goals and vision

How does vision-boarding work?

During this wonderful workshop you will explore your own personal values and ensure that your goal sits in alignment with them.

There will be plenty of time to get crafty and design your very own goal-supporting vision board to take away.

This will be your guiding light to keep you on track when you start to deviate from your goal plan.

(Because you will! We all do – and that’s completely ok. What’s important is that the wanderings are checked and you get back on target.)

Women-Only Vision Boards

I also offer women-only vision board workshops. These provide a safe and supportive place for all women to uncover their life vision, to explore their fears and limiting beliefs and to move forward in a creative way with focus, clarity and confidence.


Vision Board workshops are offered in Dorset, Hampshire and London so contact me for details and to book your space.