10 tips to Spring Clean Your Life

spring blossom

It’s Spring!

I realise that it might not look like it today but it really is.

Are you a Spring Cleaner? Do you get that urge to start clearing out and cleaning up after your winter hibernation?

History of Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning has a place in different religions and cultures throughout history.

Did you know that The Persian New Year falls on the first day of spring and everything in the house would be completely cleaned to welcome it in?

Catholics would ensure that the whole house was cleaned ready for Easter, for Good Friday and Jewish people would spring clean in readiness for Passover.

Prior to the invention of the vacuum cleaner, most people chose to wait until the warmer weather to throw open their windows and allow the winter dust and cobwebs to be blown away.

Spring Cleaning Your Life

Spring cleaning gives you a great opportunity not just to clean your house but to audit your life and bring in some new healthy habits.

Most people find it quite hard to stick to their New Year Resolutions and a fair proportion will have withered away by now. I mean, the cold and dark of winter is not the best time to introduce healthy new habits when all we crave is comfort and warmth.

How about some Spring Resolutions?

Ten tips for bringing growth into your life this spring

1. Book some time into your diary each week to action your Spring Cleaning List.

2. Look through a local events calendar and book some activities for Spring and Summer. Find things that are new and outdoors and challenge yourself to learn something new.

3. Look in your fridge and your kitchen cupboards. Will the contents give you the good health and body that you want? If not then its time to empty them out and start afresh.

4. Write a list of foods that you want to eat and why then stick this onto the fridge door as a reminder.

5. Wash your winter clothes and pack them away or give them away.

6. Plan one morning to get up early enough to hear the dawn chorus – you won’t be disappointed and it will fill you with joy.

7. Check out the weather forecast and plan one morning to get up early and see the sunrise, its beautiful and will nourish your soul.

8. Have a “Power Day’ to get the house cleaned, play your favourite uplifting music loud, dance as you clean and enjoy making your home fresh.

9. Decide how much time you actually want to spend on social media and put it in your diary. Stick to it and open up space for new enriching activities.

10. Book a date to go through your piles of paperwork, do something with it or throw it out!

Spring Cleaning Your Life -Help

You will feel lighter and more energetic as you work through the list.
If you feel stuck then get a friend to do it with you, or enlist the services of a coach to encourage and motivate you.

If you want your house sorting but don’t want to do it yourself then why not enlist the services of a decluttering expert to do it with you?

So, put that spring in your step and get on with clearing and growing your healthy new habits 🙂



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