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Anxiety and Panic Attack Recovery

The words anxiety and stress are often used interchangeably but they are in fact different.

There is nothing wrong with experiencing some stress and it can be a driver. For example you may have a report to write with a tight deadline and feel stressed until it is completed.

For many people this would be the end of it, report in and stress over. However if you suffer from anxiety the pain continues as you may then find yourself worrying about how it’s received.

Anxiety is a fairly constant niggle which doesn’t necessarily relate to anything that is actually happening. There are many different types of anxiety and different names given to anxiety ‘disorders’ such as social anxiety, and generalised anxiety disorder and varying degrees of OCD.

The anxiety that you feel may not been labelled as a disorder and you have probably learned to live with it by avoiding situations which seem to make it worse. This can really limit your experiences and opportunities.

Panic Attacks 

At the far end of the anxiety scale is Panic Attacks. These are really horrible things that can have very unpleasant physical symptoms.

The severity of some of these symptoms can convince sufferers that they must have a serious physical illness. Panic Attacks occur suddenly and peak in intensity quite quickly. It can feel like they occur without warning and consequently many who suffer from panic attacks will go to great lengths to avoid anything that they think might cause another one.

The irony of this is that they are caused by our own thoughts not by places or experiences.

Understanding what is happening to your body is an important part of recovery, enabling you to make sense of the physical symptoms of panic. 

Many years ago I went through a very difficult time and suffered from Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia. This was something I would not wish even on my worst enemy.

Personally, I made a complete recovery and consider it to be the biggest and best ‘breakthrough’ of my life rather than the breakdown that it seemed at the time. It led to healthier habits, a much greater sense of self awareness and an incredible feeling of inner strength.

Why Coaching?

Coaching will help you to explore options for a healthier and calmer future.

We will set small manageable goals and go at a pace that works for you without exacerbating anxiety.

I am not suggesting coaching as a replacement for any traditional therapies or medication. It is an option that can work well alongside other treatment options or as stand alone for those who wish.

As some physical conditions can cause Panic Attacks or similar physical symptoms it is important to see your Doctor to rule these out before considering Coaching.

Please note that coaching is not therapy or counselling.

Lesley has such a calm air about her. I felt safe working with her right from our first meeting.

I have learnt how to manage my stress in a better way, I don’t get worked up like I used to at work and feel much more able to manage difficult situations.

My colleagues have noticed the difference in me and I enjoy work much more now.


Coaching for a healthier and calmer future

Relaxed coaching sessions at your own pace - contact me for an initial no-obligation chat